Neesa Sunar

I have worked at TSI since December of 2014 as a peer specialist. It is incredibly fulfilling work, sharing my past experiences with mental illness to others in order to empower them. Before working at TSI, I was unable to hold down a full-time job. But now, TSI has given me a chance, and I am now working without any fears of losing my job. I also love seeing the positive changes in my clients. One of my clients got into Howie the Harp Peer Advocacy Center, and is now training to become a peer specialist as I did. Another client is preparing to work for TSI to assist others in moving. As a peer, it means so much to me to forge working relationships with clients. Over a the past year and a half, I have seen many blossom and become closer to realizing their full potential.

Shannon Sadler

I have worked for TSINY for five years. I started out as a case study manager best case study writers in the Supported Housing Program and during this time was able to complete my Master's in Social Work. When I received my LMSW TSINY provided me with the opportunity to utilize my credentials and I began working as a Social Worker for our Adult Home Program. Thus far I have been able to receive a well-rounded outlook working with consumers as a case manager and now social worker. I can only look forward to progressing my career towards an LCSW and working with consumers on a one to one basis

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